This guideline is the result of the national Danish project User-driven guideline for the industry: Accessible packaging for the elderly and disabled people.



The main purpose of the project was to develop guidelines for the industry on user-friendly packaging enabling end users in the future easily to open medicine and food packaging. The guideline is based on the principles of user-driven innovation.


The guideline is meant for production and packaging companies

The project in particular aims at producers and packaging designers as well as constructors in the packaging industry. The guideline is useful for small as well as large companies as it can be used on multiple levels according to competencies and interests.


The project has been supported by Danish Business Authority

The project has received 6.2 mill. DKK from Danish Business Authority under the programme USER-DRIVEN INNOVATION. Project period 2008-2012.


Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding the project or how to use the guideline please contact User-friendly Packaging.


Project partners 

Danish Technological Institute and Arkitektskolen Aarhus have been the driving forces of the project.


The steering committee behind the project consisted of representatives from a vast part of the production and packaging industry: DI foodstuffs, SPT (Soap, Perfume and Technical/Chemical articles), packaging industry and plastics industry. Furthermore Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry participated on the sideline. The Rheumatism Association represented the end users.