Useful stories

Here you will find examples on packaging developments where user-friendliness has been the focus point. Use these cases to see what others have done before you start developing more user-friendly packaging yourself. Click the orange links at the bottom to read the companies’ own case descriptions.





3-Stjernet wanted by developing new user-friendly packaging to move directly into the category  ”ordinary cold cuts” with an outright novelty. The goal was to create a unique market space where the novelty is not the product but the packaging. The motivation for initiating the development process was the massive demand from the end users as well as various professional organisations requiring user-friendly packaging – especially from elderly and/or arthritis-stricken people.


Read the entire case description here: 3-stjernet Easy-Pack Frokost Favorit (PDF 21 pages)




Superfos wanted to make their existing packaging more modern and user-friendly. The aim with the new optimised packaging design was to be seen as an alternative to the traditional metal packaging and this way emphasize the position as an innovative company focusing on sustainability, efficient supply chain, high quality and a strong marketing profile. Furthermore they wished through the new packaging to reduce the production costs.


Read the entire case description here: Superfos’ new Paintainer (PDF 11 pages)