GET STARTED is for companies and designers wanting to create results through innovation focusing on the end user needs.


On this site you will obtain an overview of the process you’re embarking and you will obtain useful advice for the design of the packaging. You will also be able to test your existing packaging and calculate how many people are actually able to open the packaging.


Guide and reference work for user-friendly packaging
Use the site as a guide, as input for methods and processes, helping you create results in the situation your company is in.



Involve the end users and carefully think out the packaging from the start
Several types of packaging are difficult or downright dangerous to open because they are not thoroughly considered from the start. The critical factor is that companies often do not involve knowledge from end users and employees in the developing process. This guideline tries to remedy this.


Some companies are reluctant to make the packaging easier to open as a lot of other considerations are also important. The changes, however, don’t have to be very cost-intensive. In some cases it is a question of useful graphics or a slight change in a design tool.


The fact, however, is that the end user expects the packaging to be functional. The most important piece of advice is therefore to make the packaging user-friendly!



Several facts advocate a more user-friendly packaging

  • More than 50% frequently experience difficulties concerning packaging.
  • 16% will choose a competing product if they have a bad experience with the packaging.
  • 2,500 persons annually visits the emergency room with injuries caused by packaging.


Furthermore the demographic data calls for user-friendly packaging

  • 700,000 Danes suffer from rheumatic diseases today.
  • In 2050  the number of people over 65 yrs will have increased by 490,000.