Concept analyses


Concept analysis is a way to concretise the chosen ideas in order to turn them into a useful concept.


If you need help to analyse the concepts please contact User-friendly Packaging >>



First step

This step may already have been taken during the workshop

  • View all ideas from the idea generation.
  • Choose the ideas you want to process further.
  • Specify and visualise the chosen ideas through sketches or simple models.
  • List requirements for the ideas.


Second step

When you have created an overview of the ideas it will be easier to compile them into useful concepts.

  • Make a group of the ideas which could form a concept.
  • Prepare each concept thoroughly to make it clear …
    • what the purpose of the concept is.
    • how it differs from competing products.
    • what needs to be engineered in order to realise the concept in respect of financing, development, production, marketing etc. You can line up more than one process to realise the concept making room for up- and downscaling of the process.
    • who is responsible for the further process concerning the concept.


You can use the working document for analyses of concepts (PDF 2 pages) to register the analysis.


Analysing the concepts should provide you with clear solutions for creating the prototype in phase 6 of the process.