Idea generation


Idea generation is all about transforming concrete knowledge into concrete solutions. In order to generate as many ideas as possible the process could be a brainstorm. The number of participants in a brainstorm should be 3 to 6 persons. Set a time frame for the brainstorm so that all participants know the terms.


Brainstorm rules are simple:

  • All ideas are useful.
  • Build on or combine other ideas.
  • Do not criticise during a brainstorm.
  • Remember to write/draw all ideas and comments


Use models and sketches for the brainstorm:

In order to visualise the ideas the participants can build or draw models. This makes it easier to convey the ideas to the other participants. The models can be based on the existing packaging and be made using paper, foil, scissors, tape etc.

Remember to document/photograph the entire process for later use.

You can use concept cards (PDF 1 page) to register each single idea.