End user observations are carried out when starting the development process in order to identify end user approach and habits concerning the packaging. The observations can provide insight in the end user/packaging contact from the purchase situation over opening, serving, re-sealing and storage to disposal.


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How to plan end user observations

  • Contact 3–5 end users with different preconditions concerning opening your packaging.
  • Make arrangements with the end users in due time. It is an advantage to make contracts with the end users clearly explaining the purpose of the observations and how data will be used further on in the project.
  • Create a good environment to make the test person feel safe before you start: Introduce yourself, the project, how the test is carried out and how long time it is going to take.


This is how to carry out the observation


  • Choose the observation environment where the product is most frequently used – kitchen, bathroom or purchase situation. This will provide you with the most accurate picture.
  • Let the end user show how he/she opens the packaging. Competitor products or types of packaging with alternative opening mechanisms can also be included in the test.
  • Preferably use a video camera to capture you registrations. The recordings can be used later to refresh your memory or communicate information to other parties involved in the project. This method ensures that body language and tone of voice is registered as well.
  • Place the camera in a natural spot with no background noise and sufficient lighting.
  • Never demonstrate how the packaging is supposed to be opened.
  • Ask the test person to think out loud while testing the packaging.
  • Do not ask leading questions.
  • Be patient – observation studies are a time consuming process.


Working document for end user observation (PDF 2 pages) can be a help in planning and conducting the observation.