Useful advice


Some useful advice when your company engages in developing more user-friendly packaging.



Graphics and colour

  • Use contrasts to bring out the opening.
  • Use a simple and easy to read opening instruction (text/illustration).
  • Large amounts of information can be confusing – consider what will be important.



  • Use a design which brings out the opening.
  • Use big size flaps, pull rings and screw caps.
  • A square shape is easier to hold than a round shape.



  • Use material which doesn’t easily break when the packaging is opened.
  • Use furrows/structure and different materials in order to secure a good grip in the packaging.


End user’s physical strength

  • Use packaging that doesn’t require a lot of strength or fine motor skills.
  • Avoid double packaging.
  • Use packaging which can be opened in more than one way.



  • Only use re-seal which actually works and makes sense.
  • Test re-seal functions on end users.



  • Test the packaging on end users (e.g. via end user observations and mechanical tests) throughout the entire development process.
  • Test emballagen på ældre eller børn, så vil de fleste kunne håndtere den.


End users

  • Be aware that end users are used to opening certain types of packaging in a certain way.
  • Be aware that your end users have different preconditions – culturally as well as physically.


Useful advice



Click here for the useful advice on designing user-friendly packaging in a pdf-version.