The end user approach is described according to their opinion on user-friendly packaging, as they are the ones who, when all comes to all, through purchase decide whether it is worthwhile to develop and market user-friendly packaging.


The end users’ opinion has been gathered through a questionnaire. 285 persons were involved, about half of which had a disability. This has been done in order to be able to define how widespread the opinion is and whether the problem is only relevant for “the old and the sick”.


Many seem to think that the end user problems can be solved by developing adequate tools. Thus this was naturally included in the study. This question is also interesting with reference to CEN standardisation work: Whether to allow the use of tools in a test of packaging user-friendliness or not.


In order to fully understand the problems with packaging an “observation” is a source of deeper knowledge (see method for observation). 15-30 % of end users state that the reason for their problems is that they don’t know how to open the packaging. Therefore it can provide deeper knowledge on how to design a suitable packaging if a company studies how their customers will typically open their products.