Use of tools


Can the use of tools make it easy to open any packaging? The answer is obviously no!


This page provides you with insight in the end users’ opinion on the use of tools when opening a packaging. One aspect of the case is that it makes it easier for the end user to open packaging while another aspect is whether he or she has a good experience when using tools for this purpose. The answer is not clear-cut. The end users who need tools the most are often the people who would wish they could open the packaging without it.


Read the detailed report on end users’ use of tools here (PDF x pages).

Why does a packaging need to be user-friendly?

  • 50% prefer opening packaging without the use of tools
  • 12% use “special tools” such as gear for taking the pressure off in order to be able to open e.g. marmalade lids etc.
  • Everybody accepts the use of scissors while a knife is unacceptable
  • Challenged end users often depend on tools
  • Some end users are forced to give up on opening purchased products all together