Physical force


There is great variation in end users’ strength. Therefore it is important to know the variation in your target group in order to ensure that everybody gets a good experience with the product.


Generally on strength

  • Men are stronger than women.
  • Generally there is a greater variation in men’s muscle strength than in women’s.
  • Young and middle aged adults are stronger than children and elderly people.
  • Children and elderly people have similar strength. The difference is in the size of their hands.
  • Certain handicaps reduce the physical strength significantly. The largest group of rheumatic patients either has reduced strength or is only able to use great force with a lot of pain as the result.
  • Muscle strength of less than 50% is characterised as critical when having to get up from a chair.
  • Grip strength of 200N or more is characterised as normal strength.


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Consider the end user’s physical strength

  • In 2050 additional 490,000 persons will be over 65 yrs.
  • 700,000 persons of all ages suffer from a rheumatic disease.
  • Design for the weakest and consider your entire target group.


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