Normal strength


Men’s and women’s age dependant physical strength is different

Muscle strength develops differently with age among men and women and also differently depending on which muscle group we are talking about. Focusing on opening of packaging primarily the muscle group in the upper part of the body plays a role.


Packaging and physical strength

When we talk about physical strength to open packaging the muscle strength is not the only interesting factor. Also fine motor skills, grip strength and coordination – which can be quite an issue for older people having a nervous coordination and are weaker at the same time – is of great importance in an opening situation.

As described under packaging design, this is also of great importance for how much strength one is able to transfer and how hard your grip can be. There is a tendency that the grip strength increases by increasing diameter (see below). This can be exploited when an opening situation requires both gripping and turning. Grip strength can be used when opening a tightly closed packaging. Without sufficient grip strength it is impossible to hold the packaging optimally and thus be more difficult to open. It is assumed that persons with no physical ailments has a maximum grip strength of more than 200 N. No all the force can be transferred when opening a packaging since the conditions are never optimal.


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 Grip strength is influenced by the diameter of the packaging


Handgrip – women

Women’s grip strength (N) for different dimensions of packaging (click the picture for a larger version).


Handgrip – men

Men’s grip strength (N) for different dimensions of packaging (click the picture for a larger version).

In a comprehensive study (Denmark) we can see that:

  • Women’s arm muscle strength peaks when they are around 40 yrs old.
  • Men’s arm muscle strength peaks when they are about 25-30 yrs old.
  • Women’s muscle strength generally deteriorates faster than men’s when aging.


If we set the 100% muscle strength to be present at age 25 it corresponds to a muscle strength of:


  • 105% for 40 year-old women.
  • 95% for 50 year-old women.
  • 87% for 60 year-old women.


  • 97-98% for 40 year-old men.
  • 90% for 50 year-old men.
  • 85% for 60 year-old men.