Graphics and choice of colour


Graphics and choice of colour are extremely important for the perception of a packaging. End user tests show that people often don’t use the opening mechanisms integrated in the packaging. Therefore it is important that the opening mechanism is made clear by marking or contrasts on the packaging.


Often design, colour or text intended to instruct the end users is hidden in order to get a nice overall impression of the packaging. It is important to mark where the opening mechanism is situated and on some packaging types it can furthermore be made clearer what way to hold the packaging when opening it. At the same time it is important that the graphics on the packaging supports the design so that the packaging is opened as intended without excessive use of force.


Below you will see some examples of good and bad use of graphics and choice of colour in some types of packaging making it clear where and how to open the packaging.



Useful advice on better graphics and choice of colour for the packaging

  • Easy-to-read instructions – make it easy to open the packaging.
  • Simple and clear graphics on the opening mechanism – make contrasts on the lid/the flap.
  • Clear graphics – the graphics pointing out the opening mechanism should be contrasted to the rest of the packaging.
  • Clear writing – use contrasts. Writing works best dark on a light background or vice versa.
  • Avoid or minimise unnecessary information on the packaging in order to make the opening instructions are clearly legible.
  • Large letters – make sure that the letters are easy to read.



Always remember to test new initiatives in order to make sure that they work as intended.